Read on for a very special, limited time offer that can help overcome emotional eating and finally end the crazy cycle of ups and downs ! 
Whittle My Middle With Missus Midlife! 
A simple, easy eating and walking plan for women at midlife... 
drop a dress (or pant) size, finally overcome roller coaster eating 
and exercise habits and glow with vibrant energy 
in 12 weeks or less!
Does this sound all too familiar? 
"I know what I need to do! Eat healthy, exercise more, but why is this SO hard? "

"Why do I start out fine, but always end up falling off my diet and exercise plan?"

"I'm so tired of failing, I don't even want to try anymore. I'm doomed for failure. I've ruined my metabolism."
  • "Everything I eat goes straight to my hips."
  • "Most plans are so strict, it's impossible to stick with it!"
  • "Exercise is hard and painful!"
  • "Healthy eating and drinking is no fun and is boring!"
  • "It's really hard for a 50 year old woman to lose weight or get in good shape."
Sound familiar? 80% of women who set a new year's goal to 'get healthy' give up by February!
This can happen year after year. There's always a 'new' trendy diet plan in the news in January. 
The problem is, these plans never work long term, and the more times a woman fails, 
the more likely she is to keep failing, or to give up for good!
There's junk food on every corner.
It's all too easy to jump in line at a drive-thru fast food place when there's one on every corner, and there's no time to cook!
There's no time to go to the gym.
No time, too cold outside to leave the house, too many other things to get done...why is it so hard to fit in a simple exercise routine?
So many temptations, so little time... what's a girl to do?
When it seems like a new mid-section role appears every week, it's easy to feel like giving up.
Wanna know a secret? It doesn't have to be this way!..

...Missus Midlife has a simple system that works...

...and she is on a mission to help women who are facing midlife weight gain due to the lack of a solid plan...
Missus Midlife has figured out what really works. Not a quick-fix fad, but a system that gets results and is easy to stick with for life! 
Let me explain...
Meet Donna Loeffler, otherwise known as "Missus midlife"...
In 2014 I was diagnosed with breast cancer at the age of 52...
...I thought I was super healthy, so this came as a complete shock.
After a full year of treatment, the docs say that I'm now cancer-free! The problem is the chemo threw me straight into menopause. Hot flashes, achy joints, anxiety, and the dreaded weight gain around my middle. Ugh!

I decided to do everything in my power to conquer menopause, and it started with taking better care of my body. Since I hated exercise and loved to eat bread (with lots of butter:), I had to find a different approach. 

After lots of reading and trial and error, I figured out a system that really works! Now, I'm on a mission to teach other women how they can get healthier at midlife, too. And without extreme exercise and dieting!

Imagine what life would be like with a eating and exercise plan 
that is easy to stick with. One that soothes the symptoms 
of menopause and creates energy and vitality!
Imagine a healthy eating and movement plan that provides all of this...
FINALLY, a simple plan THAT works and WILL END THE
No more wasted time and energy...
No more wasted money on plans that don't work...
No more extreme diets that end in frustration.
A few more reasons why women LOVE Missus Midlife's Plan: 
The reason why "Whittle My Middle With Missus Midlife" works is because consistent healthy habits are built over time. Old habits are replaced with new habits that will last a lifetime!
Each participant in the program will be given a printable calendar/journal that she will use to map out a customized plan of action. Because each week is planned ahead, there is nothing to think about day by day. Simply check off each action step as it's completed.
Each group in the program consists of no more than 10 women. These women typically become very close and do a great job of sharing and holding each other accountable to completing the action steps. Accountability is key to building new, healthy habits that last.
And women love that they can whittle their middle, drop a dress (or pant) size, 
and glow with vibrant energy in 12 weeks or less!
"Whittle My Middle 
With Missus Midlife"
The first program of it's kind that makes healthy eating and exercise totally doable for a 50+ year old woman!
A 12 week program for total life transformation!
What's Included...
accountability and coaching throughout the 12 weeks to make sure you win!
Register now, this program is only available for a very limited time 
at a very special price to a very few lucky women! 
It's very important to me that this program stay small and intimate so that each woman gets the attention she needs to reach her goals.
There is only space for 10 women and they will go fast, so grab your seat now before they're all gone!

If you are not 100% thrilled with the "Whittle My Middle With Missus Midlife" program, simply contact Donna (AKA Missus Midlife) at AND WE'LL MAKE IT RIGHT!

Disclaimer: Any publications associated with this program are for informational purposes only and are not intended as medical advice. Medical advice should always be obtained from a qualified medical professional for any health conditions or symptoms associated with them. Every possible effort has been made in preparing and researching material for this program and in the publications associated with the program. We make no warranties with respect to the accuracy, applicability of its contents or any omissions. 
Sign up now and get these 2 special bonuses:
Bonus #1 "Slinky-Size!"
Slinky-Size is a one of a kind program developed by Missus Midlife. In this bonus module learn how an ordinary slinky toy can be used to add fun and movement to an otherwise boring workout routine. The slinky is a symbol of resilience, it can be stretched, but never breaks!
Bonus #2 "The Importance of Self-Care for Women"
This 28 page digital e-book is packed with solutions to the 'no time for myself' delemma that far too many women face. Learn how to embrace the best self-care practices and actually start to live them out, today! Every woman needs to read this book!
All of this at a rediculously low price:
Whittle My Middle With Missus Midlife
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*This special price offered for a very limited time 
12 Weeks of Group Accountability and Coaching
6 Core Training Modules
Complete 12-Week Printable Planner and Journal Book
Printable Food and Exercise Logs
Bonus #1: Slinky-Size Training Module
Bonus #2: "The Importance of Self-Care for Women" e-book
Get in on this now, before the program fills. This is a special, one time offer that won't last long! Remember: this is the last program any woman will need to finally get her emotional eating and lack of consistent exercise under control so she can drop a dress (or pant size), end the ups and downs of dieting and start to glow with vibrant energy in 12 weeks or less!
Here's what one women had to say about Missus Midlife's Coaching:
Missus Midlife profoundly helped me to recognize my inner beauty and to open myself to new and wonderful possibilities in life. I have zeal again and welcome the challenges in my life rather than dread thinking about them. I am thriving instead of just surviving with Donna's skill set of empowering people to be their best. I finished my Masters in Nursing!” -S. Salle, MSN                                            

Even at age 50, amazing transformation can happen with Missus Midlife's help!
Imagine having greater self-confidence, tons of energy, dropping a dress (or pant) size, improved relationships, ending the crazy cycles of ups and downs once and for all! The last plan any woman needs, this is a plan for life!
Grab your seat now, it's only available for a very limited time at this low price. And the 10 seats that are avaible are sure to fill quickly.
Frequently Asked Questions
How do I know this "Whittle My Middle" program 
will work for me?
As with any new program, it is only as good as the effort put into it. We're not going to lie, any life-changing transformation takes effort to make it happen. The first step is to become aware that something needs to change, and then map out a plan and put it into action. This program will be just that - a tool to help with the transformational journey of developing a new, healthy lifestye with change that lasts.
Who is this for, and who is it not for? I want to make sure this is something I need.
This program is for any woman who struggles with emotional eating, is dealing with weight gain around the middle or just wants a consistent, simple, effective, healthy lifestye plan that really works. This program is not for women who have it all together when it comes to diet and exercise and don't need any additonal help to stay on track to reach their health goals.
Do I need to have my doctor's o.k. before I start using 
the toolbox?
We highly recommend that women consult with their doctors before beginning anything new that might affect their health. Although many of the components in the training modules can be used right away (planning sheets, Slinky-size, reading the ebook, etc.), please talk to a doctor if you plan to make any major changes in diet or exercise routine. We want this program to help women get and stay completely healthy for life!
How do I download these digital products? Do I get to keep them?
All of the digital products are easily downloadable and accessible to read and/or print over and over, forever! After purchase, emails will be sent throughout the program with product links. Simply click on them and most newer computers are set up to save the files. Step by step download instructions will also be sent in the emails. Missus Midlife is here to help with any difficulties or additional questions:
I already have a paper planner book. How will I use the 12-week planner book/journal?
Paper planners rule! We love them here at Missus Midlife. The 12-week planner book/journal can be used right along with a planner book you are already using. The printable book is customized to be used with the program and is somewhat of a workbook to keep everyone focused, on track and on the same page.
Would this program work for younger women, too? My daughter might be interested.
Absolutely! Although Missus Midlife creates and designs products and programs with the woman who is at midlife (45-65 years) in mind, we welcome younger women. We want them to learn what we wish we had known when we were younger. This program can also be modified and customized for any aged women.
Everything you need, right here, to finally stop the diet and exercise roller coaster of ups and downs. Imagine dropping a dress (or pant) size, ending emotional eating and glowing with positive energy in 12 weeks or less! Sign up now so you are assured a spot at this truly affordable price. We can't wait to meet you! - All Rights Reserved - Privacy Policy
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